Prospective Students

At the Delta Lab and through DTR I train students to tackle important interdisciplinary research problems that impact the way people design, work, learn, and play. Learn about how we work in the Delta Lab as an interdisciplinary research lab and design studio. Prospective PhD students can apply through EECS, LS, CS+LS, and Technology and Social Behavior (TSB). Prospective undergrad students can apply through DTR.

Current PhD Students

Jamie Gorson (CS+LS) - Advisor
Garrett Hedman (CS+LS) - Advisor
Gobi Dasu (CS) - Co-Advisor (with Haoqi Zhang)

Isaac Johnson (CS) - PhD Committee
Zheng Yuan (CS) - PhD Committee
D. Harmon Pollock (CS) - PhD Committee

Past PhD Students

Emily Harburg (TSB) - PhD Committee
Joshua Hibschman (CS) - PhD Committee

Current Undergraduate Students

Suzy Lee - DTR Co-Advisor
Maxine Whitely - DTR Co-Advisor
Daniel Zhu - DTR Co-Advisor

Past Undergraduate Students

Grace Alexander - DTR Advisor
Sehmon Burnam - DTR Co-Advisor
Victoria Cabales - DTR Co-Advisor
Ankita Chowdry - DTR Advisor
Megan Conlon - DTR Advisor
David Latimore - DTR Co-Advisor
Sarah Lim - DTR Co-Advisor
Maggie Lou - DTR Co-Advisor
Allison Lu - DTR Advisor
Nneoma Oradiegwu - DTR Co-Advisor
Armaan Shah - DTR Advisor
Josh Shi - DTR Advisor
Morgan Walker - DTR Advisor
Lily Zhang - DTR Advisor